Robert Boyd Fiske is a native of Louisville, Kentucky where he has lived off and on since birth.  A graduate of prestigious J.M Atherton High School, Robert was active in academics captaining both quick recall and chess teams, serving as editor in chief for the Atherton Aerial all the while serving as Class President both Junior and Senior years. 

Attending the University of Louisville beginning in fall of 2008, Robert played for the University's Quiz Bowl team traveling the region to compete against other schools in matches of academics and pop culture. Robert was fortunate to study abroad in Louisville's sister city of Montpellier, France where he studied languages and letters and Paul Valery University.

Passionate about what he affectionately refers to as the "continental lifestyle" Robert spent two consecutive falls attending as a scholarship holder the prestigious European Forum Alpbach in Tyrol, Austria.  
Graduating from the University of Louisville in 2013 with degrees in Political Science and French Robert continued to work for local outfitter Quest Outdoors until leaving to work for the nascent marketing company 750 Four Productions.  Attending conferences in Washington, DC and Auburn, Alabama in 2013, Robert observed some of the the more heterodox compotenets of the libertarian movement. 

While working for 750 Four Robert learned some of the basics of content marketing, event planing, film and photography.  
In Fall of 2015, Robert attended the International Balloon Fiesta as a journalist photographing and interviewing various teams alongside longtime confident and owner operator of 750 Four Thomas Wavid Johns.  The pair were also able to conduct interviews of the phenomenal Earthship Compounds located outside of Taos, New Mexico.  

Also in Fall of 2014 Robert began working as a brief stint bar back in Kentucky's first Tikki bar in order to better understand the opportunities and inner workings of the hospitality industry. 

In 2015 Robert left his longtime position at Quest Outdoors to learn the inner workings of the car business. Working for a Toyota dealership in a sales role, Robert learned the business and while passionate about the product and financial rewards offered in a dealership environment, left spring of 2016 to travel Europe and pursue his work as a writer.  
Robert spent summer 2016 in Europe primarily in Austria, but also visiting friends in Slovenia, Italy for his Sister's wedding, and Bordeaux, France to tour Aquitaine wine country.  Analyzing political commentary Robert attended the Republican National convention as a citizen journalist recording interactions and impressions for a chapter in his book.  Fall and Winter of 2016 were spent writing in Oregon while staying on the home of  longtime friend and confident from his days in the south of France.  He correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election and not much else since then. 

In 2017 Robert attended the Wittenberg Dialogues near Graz, Austria where the topic was American European relations.  While attending talks and lectures by day and drinking sessions by night Robert observed the continental reactions and uncertainties of the Trump era.
Robert is passionate about flotation therapy, offroad toyota trucks, GM B Body Sedans and Station Wagons, American Brittany's, Austrian Firearms, excellent food and beverages, sales and marketing, fine hotels, foreign languages and geo political discussions.  
Robert lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his dog Bellatrix and girlfriend Jennifer.  He instructs students in firearms proficiency, still advises people on the car buying process by appointment, and is currently finishing his collected travel memoirs and short stories entitled "Death Ride" due to be published Fall of 2020. 
Follow his antics and musings on instagram @thehighbrowhillbilly
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